meemoe aka James Grist

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meemoe aka James Grist

Postby meemoe_uk » Sat Dec 27, 2014 5:26 pm

Hi all,
Its me. I'm attempting to write some Growing Planet simulation software, but I progress slowly because I insist on writing everything from scratch, which is an outdated method. I look at programmers that use middleware and envy how fast they can write software.

Goals :
a.) keep improving Tegress for as long as I can, or until some other program far surpasses it.
b.) Maybe one day write a book about all my mad beliefs.

Beliefs :
a.) Internal growth of Earth : by creation of matter out of the vacuum.
b.) Vacuum energy can be extracted by the ultra high electric fields of plasmoids ( plasmoids are neglected part of plasma \ electric physics )
c.) electric universe theory
d.) Big bang theory is obsoleted by growing Earth theory
e.) Abiotic oil ( produced by growing earth )
f.) conventional gravity theory is wrong. check the recent comet mass calculations. Comets are solid rocks but gravity theory says they are less dense than pinewood . Also Saturn is spose to be less dense than water, also there's odd patterns in the solar system density of moons / planets that shouldn't be there.
g.) Gravity is a residual electric field ( Proposed by Hannes Alfven )
h.) Plasmoids can extract matter from the vacuum, but large atoms are likely created via nuclear fusion, which takes place in plasmoids.
i.) The internal dynamics of planets / moons / stars are electrical.
j.) Dark matter \ energy is nonsense.
k.) I wonder if Peratt's theoretical work in the 1970s , 1980s on discrete electric states by classical electrodynamic theory may have obsoleted a large part of quantum theory.

my own forum
serves as a bank of my ideas on Growing Earth and related subjects.

Got banned (without warning! ) from for annoying the religious residents there. So I need a new place to talk Growing Earth theory.
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Re: meemoe aka James Grist

Postby Florian » Tue Dec 30, 2014 12:18 am

Hi James and welcome to the forum!
Reading your introduction, it seems that there are opportunities for interesting discussions here :)
But be aware that I'm a skeptic and I will give you a hard time with some of your hypotheses ;)
If 50 million believe in a fallacy, it is still a fallacy. Sam W Carey
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